domain name domain name is a well-known domain name reseller program owned by UK2 Group (themselves owned by THG). company overview is the brand of hosting provider for all reselling operations: domain name, web hosting, servers, …

According to their customer area interface and their API, they rely on ResellerClub or probably another EIG company to provide domain name and hosting services. Any software compatible with ResellerClub API should be 100% compatible with API.

They seem to be very good at what they do, according to our exchanges when I had some issues. domain name services is not shown as a domain registrar in the whois. For white labelling purposes, the registrar is “Public Domain Registry”, a very well known “registrar”, also a EIG company. This is exactly like with ResellerClub and eNom.

Their support helpdesk is very reactive, and their customer area is exactly the same as with ResellerClub. Also, they allow to create subreseller account and subreseller accounts can get the same interface, but with your own domain name.

Domain name transfer (incoming and outcoming) doesn’t need human intervention in their end.

The best feature is that they provide grace time on renewal (for some domain extensions). This means that you’ll not get high recovery fees for just 1 or 2 days late.

Conclusion is a very goof fusion of UK2 Group knowledge and EIG infrastructure. Personally, I never got issue with them. It is only a question of principle, some peoples doesn’t like EIG companies as they have bad reputation.

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